Laser cutting

Services Laser cutting

Cutting is performed in any shape from sheets using a numerically controlled contour band saw (CNC). This service may be made on engineering drawings basis in the form of printouts or files in the CAD format (.dwg or .dxf). These files may be delivered on a CD or sent by email. Delivering drawings in the DXF format reduces the cost and shortens the time limit of performing the order.

The cut can be performed on customer-provided material as well as on own material of following thicknesses:

  • structural steel (ST) up to 15mm,
  • stainless and acid-proof steel sheets (KO) up to 12mm,
  • aluminium sheets up to 4mm,
  • brass sheets up to 3mm.

Maximum dimensions of the sheet: 1500mm x 3000mm.

What do you gain from using laser cutting?

  • high precision of cutting, consistency, reproductibility, no need to buy expensive equipment,
  • treated material is not deformed,
  • you save material, time and money.


  • depend on type and thickness of the material,
  • favorable discounts for continuous co-operation and high amount of cut materials,
  • pricing done on the basis of delivered documentation (DXF files),
  • for atypical elements we prepare documentation (paid in one instalment).
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