Usługi produkcji maszyn przemysłowych i urządzeń Jugema P.P.U.H.

About us

Jugema P.P.U.H.

We make stainless steel structures based on client’s design. Among other things, our projects are:

  • service platforms, work platforms;
  • belt conveyors;
  • supporting structures of equipment;
  • stainless steel tanks;
  • technological lines;
  • industrial railings etc.;
  • stainless steel structures.

Subassembly of structures is made using laser cutting technology, formed using press brakes or pressed on hydraulic brakes. Connections are inseparable, TIG or MIG welded. Turned or milled elements are made using CNC machine tools which guarantee 100% repeatability and very high precision.

In order to finish a surface high quality abrasive handling or blast cleaning (glass spheres) is employed.

Since 1982 JUGEMA has been specialising in production of stainless steel machinery and equipment. Owning to the dedicated and fully professional crew as well as developed machine park, we extended the range of our services. We design and different stainless steel elements custom-made structures and elements. We can also handle successfully innovative clients’ projects sharing with them our own experience and suggestions. We put emphasis on quality, professionalism and timely delivery of our products.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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“JURGEMA” sp. z o.o.
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